Jesse Ewart

Hverfjall Kaffihús



Appearing through the mist shroud of Hverfjall's ethereal field is a landscape of harsh volcanic geology and low Nordic light. A coffee shop is visible at the lower slopes of the hiking track, slowly approached by the senses of caffeine aromas

The elongated rectilinear form describes a reinterpretation of the Icelandic longhouse Skäli' through contemporary and low-carbon construction. Defined through roof volumes that house the distinctive activities. A dark earth plinth ties the building to the landscape it is built on. As a recessive presence amid the open fields.

Entering within visitors and locals are greeted by the visitor centre, volcanic exhibition and coffee shop beyond. Transitioning between the interior spaces through the interplay of light and warm hues filtering from each room. Simultaneously glancing through various glazed openings between the solid rammed earth walls towards the surrounding volcanic field. A flexible free-form plan for small lectures, markets and theatre events for locals and visitors to experience.

Occupants immersed throughout the coffee shop appreciate views of the sublime landscape beyond with a much-needed coffee break.