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Brick Bay Folly 2020 Entry

collaborated with Jason Tan, Tyler Harlen and Callum Leslie

The tūāhu emerges from the sloping hillside as a collection of interconnected sculptural vessels. An ambiguous object, and delicately adorned with an ornamental language of waka hoe (paddles). Deep vivid tones of Pūkeko blue expresses the distinctive silhouette and moiré of patterns which intersect the empty landscape.

Entering the Shrine
Exploring a tectonic expression of foreground and background - the viewer entering the sculpture is enclosed within the tūāhu, as the landscape interplay weaves a negative void and the positive object above forms an immaterial internal space.

The tūāhu looks to anchor the site through the shifting of scales and casting of fragmented shadows. An other-worldly condition of space, the viewer looks up towards the oculus and can observe a series of shifting colours and scales; apertures which frame the sky above and place below.

Derived from the aesthetic qualities of Gordon Walters visual language of abstraction, abundant articulated repetition through a limited range of geometric forms has inspired the visual expression of Tūāhu.